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A Word From Recently Resettled Refu

Subject: A Word From Recently Resettled Refugee

I just received a letter from my cousin who recently resettled in Australia,
after along suffering as an exiled Burmese student. He had been locked up
several times in Burma as well as in the country he first fled to, for just
inspiring for democracy in Burma. Here are his exact words:

"This country (Australia) is such a wonderful place. Unlike in Bangkok, I
don't have to carry my papers with me all the time anymore."

"At Bangkok airport, when I checked in for the flight (to Sydney) and when
I went through the immigration, they checked all my papers and asked
questions again and again, as if I was a criminal."

"But when I arrived Sydney airport, the (Australian) immigration officer
simply said, 'Welcome!'"

Thank you Australia!

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