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Diamond Jubilee

75th anniversary(Diamond Jubilee) of Rangoon University celebration
Date  .. 4. Dec 1995
Message of  Felicitation by Organizing Committee
          1st Dec.' 95 marks the occasion of the 75th anniversary (Diamond Jubilee)
of Rangoon University. Rangoon University was founded in 1920, and since 
then it has given birth to a numerous outstanding persons. One can see in the 
national record the history of outstanding leaders whom the Rangoon 
University gave birth to during 1920-95 period.
        With the untiring efforts of our forebrothers, national colleges and 
universities were founded all over the country during the reign of British 
Colonialists. After sometimes, Rangoon university, which had been kept 
under Calcutta University, became an independence university. This struggle 
fostered nationalist spirit among Burmese people. Leaders of Rangoon 
University were never reluctant to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the 
nation. Thakhin Aung San, Thakhin Nu, etc.,who had steadfastly fought 
against British imperialist till they could retrieve the lost independence for the 
people, are good examples.The campus of Rangoon University is the 
auspicious place where the nationalists spirit originated. This University 
which has given birth to a numerous precious statesmans, has now completed 
75 years.
        Our forebrothers have fulfilled their duties for the country. Now is the 
time for today's students to shoulder the national responsibilities. It is our duty 
to receive legacy handed down by our forebrothers. May this precious legacy 
be well-maintained and last forever.