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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 21:14:36 +0000
Subject: Rangoon University diamond jubilee
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Organization: Forum for Democracy and Human Rights

It is informed that Indian sector of Burmese struggle for democracy 
staged a remarkable occation of diamond jubilee of Rangoon University 
in New Delhi this afternoon. The organizing committee arranged a grand 
celebration with full cooperation of all different groups in India.

NCGUB  ministers and a monk of the ABYMU were the chairpersons of the 
ceremony. Messages from ABSDF, ABSL, FTUB, YOUNG, IBSA were read.
According to the agenda, all participants saluted the Union of Burma 
and paid respect to those sacrificed in the revolution. A band of music 
sang the songs of pro-democracy struggle. Papers regarding to the occation were 
read out. A group of Burmese students entertained an amusing "Anyeint" to the 
audience. The ethnic songs of Araken, Chin and Karen were also entertained.

The NCGUB, in the speech said that such a cooperation was very encouraging 
for the cause of democracy in Burma and asked all groups to intensify their 
effort towards the goal in accordance with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and 
NLD's stance.

Among others were Indian Burmeses who extend their full support to the 
cause of peace and democracy in Burma. It is also to be noted that Indian media 
is writng a lot about Burma now-a-days which was rarely seen before. 
While Thailand is incorrectly trying for pro-SLORC policy, India deserves 

West Burma Group