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SLORC brutalities in Toungoo

Human Rights Violations Against the Karens
by SLORC Troops 
in Karen National Union's Toungoo District

On November 30, 1995, troops from No. 1 Tactical Operations led 
by Myo Hla, Tactical Operations Commander of the Western 
Military Command surrounded Kaw Thay Dae - Khalelar  village and 
abducted 100 villagers to serve as human mine sweepers and to 
carry war supplies.

One of the villagers who were made to walk in front of the 
troops carrying military supplies stepped on a mine at Palo Mude 
village on that same day and lost a leg.  He is Saw Pya Reh, 30, 
a villager from Kaw Thay De and a father of five.  Also, a 
villager from Baw So Kho village lost both his legs and an arm 
when he stepped on a mine in Bu Sar Htar field on December 2, 

The villagers are still being forced to work as porters and 
human mine sweepers today.

On November 30, Aung Kyi Sein, commander of the 440th Light 
Infantry Regiment under No. 1 Tactical Operations of the Western 
Military Command, shot and killed Saw Tha Kale, 30, father of 
four, from Kaw Thay De village.

It is reported that six columns of troops -- two columns each 
from the 55th Infantry Regiment, the 20th Infantry Regiment and 
the 535th Light Infantry Regiment -- are actively operating in 
areas along the road in Thandaung township.