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NDF statement on NLD's walk out

Statement of National Democratic Front (NDF) on the NLD's walk out 
its delegations from the Slorc's National Convention
        The National Democratic Front (NDF) has issued its statement
concerning with the internal peace in Burma in which NDF expressed its
firm belief that only the round- table political dialogue way could bring
the solution of the current political dilemma in Burma. 
        In the NLD's letters dated November 28, 1995 to the Chairman of
National Convention Convening Commission, it stated that NLD has decided
not to participate in the National Convention as they learnt there was no
discussion on the dialogue in the opening speech by the Commission
Chairman.  This decision shows that NLD is shouldering its responsibility
and its firm stand for the sake of the all nationalities and democratic
forces in Burma. 
        In order to find the way of solving the national conflicts that is
main cause of the civil war since 1948 and way of solving the human rights
and democracy problems in 1988, NDF strongly believe that dialogue
proposed by NLD is the only constructive mean and most suitable way. 
        Both some of the members of NDF and some other non-member of NDF
have signed the cease-fire agreements with Slorc somehow.  Slorc not only
has yet to discuss with the cease-fire groups how to solve the political
dilemma but is attempting to reach the surrender agreement by all means. 
        The decision of the NLD to boycott the Slorc's sham National
Convention and call for dialogue to solve the political dilemma clearly
expresses the will of the all ceased-fire groups, the groups has not
signed cease-fire yet, and the democratic forces both inside and
        If Slorc ignores the will of Burmese people and continues the
holding of National Convention, there will be a bloody turmoil and the
country will be in chaos. Slorc will be the only responsible for all the
consequence of continuing National Convention. 
National Democratic Front
December 1, 1995