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NCUB statement concerning with the

Subject: NCUB statement concerning with the NLD decision

 NCUB Statement concerning with the NLD decision on   
SLORC sham National Convention 
The National Council of the Union of Burma (NCUB) issued a position 
statement dated  
24 November 1995, concerning with SLORCs sham national convention 
reopened on 28  
November 1995. Now again hereby NCUB declares its position on the NLDs 
released on 28 November 1995 to boycott the SLORCs  sham national 
1. NCUB believes that NLDs decision to boycott the attending at the 
on-going national  
convention expresses their firm stance for the sake and will of the all 
people, ethnic people, cease-fire groups and remaining revolutionary 
2. In the paragraph (8) of the declaration of SLORC dated 29 November 
1995, SLORC  
said  (Slorc) analyzed that a group of so-called NLD leaders is demanding 
for dialogue  
unnecessarily and trying to overwhelm their authority over the 
government. It is an  
unrealistic analysis giving an excuse to continue the national convention 
in accordance  
with their desire in order to prolong the military dictatorship. 
3.NCUB accepts that the call for dialogue by NLD is the most suitable and 
righteous way  
to find out the political solution for issues of  restoration of 
democracy, ethnic rights and  
human rights. All the democratic oppositions, armed revolutionary forces 
and cease-fire  
groups are also willing to emerge the political dialogue. The United 
nation also shows its  
great will  and accepted this dialogue solution. 
4. If SLORC is continuously refusing to solve the political problems by 
dialogue way, the  
country will be truly engaged in impasse. If it happens, the 
responsibility will be entirely on  
SLORC. Thus, we the NCUB strongly demands to SLORC to pave the way for 
solution by means of dialogue. 
5.NCUB strongly would like to urge the members of NCUB, pro-democracy 
armed revolutionaries and cease-fire groups to work together for NLDs 
demand for  
political dialogue which is in consonant with recent political situation 
and also request the  
international community to insert more pressure onto SLORC for entering 
into the  
political dialogue. 
Date: 30 November 1995