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BurmaNet News: Addendum to #291

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The BurmaNet News: November 30, 1995

Editor's Note: Sorry for not getting these articles out in Issue #291.
Although they are a bit old now, I felt they should be included.  The NLD's
decision to boycott the National Convention marks a critical moment in 
Burma's political history.  Significantly, the NLD has received praise and
support from Burmese pro-democracy groups abroad as well as various
ethnic political organizations.  The NLD's decision to boycott the National
Convention comes after 4 months of waiting in vain for the SLORC to start 
a dialogue about political change.  Now her supporters within Burma and
abroad again have a concrete demand to stand behind, something that has
been lacking since Suu Kyi's release.  The SLORC is likely to crack down
on the NLD and exert enormous pressure on the remaining National
Convention delegates. However, the SLORC is also aware that the
international community is watching them very closely.  It is to be hoped
that their concern about their image abroad will prevent them from doing 
anything drastic.


November 22, 1995

Following is the full text of the statement delivered by AUNG SAN
SUU KYI at her press conference on 22 November.

                           NATIONAL CONVENTION

A State constitution is a contract between the people and the
government of a nation. Only a constitution that is willingly
accepted by the people will endure the test of time. The National
League for Democracy believes that if genuine multi-party
democracy is to be established in Burma a constitution based
firmly on democratic principles is an absolute necessity.

The NLD was founded with the aim of achieving a genuine
democratic system which accords with the will of the people, and
of constructing a strong and lasting Union of Burma. It believes
that the ultimate power of state derives from the people and that
in a democratic nation there should be rule of law and a
constitution that guarantees basic human rights, including
freedom of worship, freedom of speech and expression and freedom
of association. Further, as stated in its election manifesto, the
NLD believes that the foundation for a strong, lasting and
prosperous union has to be laid through a National Convention
where all the ethnic groups of Burma can jointly decide the
future course of the Nation.

The overwhelming success of the NLD in the elections of 1990 was
an endorsement by the people of its  principles and policies.

The State Law and Order Restoration Council (Slorc) has said it
wishes to establish multi-party democracy in Burma and to return
power to the people as soon as possible.

Slorc declaration number 1/90 of 27 July 1990 states that it is
the duty of the elected representatives of the people to draw up
a constitution.

On 18 October 1990, Slorc secretary(1) confirmed in a speech made
at the KyunChaung fertilizer plant that it was the duty of
political parties and elected representatives to draw up the
State Constitution. During the preliminary discussions on the
National Convention the chairman of the National Convention
Convening Committee also stated that the elected representatives
would be responsible for drawing up the constitution and that
decisions based on the presentations of delegates would be
arrived at through a democratic process.

Political parties were made to sign an undertaking to abide by
the terms of declaration 1/90 which remains valid to this day.
However the National Convention has not been conducted in
accordance with the terms of the declaration. The role of
political parties, clearly delineated in the declaration, has
been obfuscated.

An examination of actual conditions within the National
Convention reveals that there has been a shift a way from its
original declared aims. The following are some of the features of
the present convention:

The elected representatives of the people constitute only 15.24
per cent of the delegates and thus are permanently in the

Neither the objectives of the Convention nor its working
procedures were drawn up in consultation with delegates.

Papers to be presented at the Convention are censored and have to
be corrected in accordance with the wishes of the authorities.

Decisions are laid down before an issue has been fully discussed.

The Convention is making decisions not only on broad principles
for the proposed constitution but also on its details.

There is no fixed timetable for the Convention.

The NLD as the political party that has received the mandate of
the people has a duty to point out that its expectations with
regard to the National Convention have not been realized. The
work procedures of the Convention are not democratic and the
basic principles for the proposed constitution include some which
are not consonant with a truly Democratic State. These problems
can only be resolved through dialogue. The NLD invites all 
concerned to join together in mutual trust and goodwill to work
towards building up  genuinely Democratic Nation in accordance
with the wishes of the people.

If the National Convention continues in its present form it
cannot assist in achieving national reconciliation, genuine
multi-party democracy, or a state constitution that enjoys the
support and confidence of the people. These aims can only be
achieved through discussion and dialogue.

Concluding Statement

The National Convention in its present form is not acceptable to
the people of Burma and because it not acceptable to the majority
of our people it is not acceptable to the National League for
Democracy. And a constitution that is drawn up by a National
Convention that does not enjoy the confidence of the people will
itself not get the support of the people. And a constitution that
is not supported by the people will be nothing more than a piece
of paper. So we call upon all those concerned to discuss the
matter of bringing about a National Convention that is truly
acceptable to the people and that will be able to draw up a
constitution that will create a lasting democratic Union of
Burma. It is for this reason that we have now put out this
statement because the National League for Democracy has a duty to
proclaim its position to the people who voted for it in 1990. We
believe that our statement, our stance will be supported by the
great majority of the people of Burma and it is our intention to
continue along a path that is always consonant of the will of the
people. Thank you.


November 28, 1995

The statement of karen National Union (KNU) regarding SLORC's National
Convention to be resumed on November 28, 1995.

1.  The Karen National Union had declared several times that SLORC's National
Convention is not genuine, and that, through this convention, the country's
basic political problems can never be resolved.  And now, KNU shall also
continue to stand firmly on this attitude.

2.  During the procrastinating period for nearly three years, in convening this
convention that has no one support, many delegates were put into custody and
some delegates had abandoned this convention for lost of confidence in it and
came to the revolutionary area.  By just looking at the aims and objects, rules
and regulations and the basic principles that were laid down in this convention,
it could be clearly seen that it obfuscated SLORC's own order 1/90 and the
promises made by the leaders of SLORC.

3.  On November 22, 1995, the leader of the National League for democracy, Daw
aung San Suu Kyi had openly declared that SLORC's National convention is not a
just one.  This declaration is firm and concrete.  Any party or organization,
who knows its responsibility and has guts to take responsible fo the country,
ethnic nationalities and the people, must obviously and openly takes up this

4.  SLORC has heralded every day for the national reconciliation.  If SLORC,
actually wants to do this, he must immediately abolish this convention and paves
the way for a genuine National Convention, a nation wide cease-fire must be
declared, all unjust law and orders must be relinguished and must immediately
begin a "Tripartite dialogue" that includes the respective representatives of
SLORC, democratic forces  led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic nationalities.

5.  The present actions of SLORC, would not revealed its intention to resolved
the country's basic political problems through peaceful means.  Therefore it is
necessary for SLORC to make a further step for constructive path.  At the same
time, every organization, that can take responsible and has guts to do so for
the country ethnic nationalities and the people, must also resolutely endeavor
to step further, constructively.  This shall be the only way which can be least
painful to the country.  There shall be no alternative.

November 28, 1995.


26 November 1995 


November 26, 1995

	Once a rich and prosperous small country in Asia.
	12 years after independence and multi-party democracy, a military coup on 2-3-62.
	26 years of military-led-single-party destroyed the Nation by Burmese way to Socialism
	Became a LDC in 1987.

	1988, a student-led nation-wide uprising toppled three BSPP presidents.
	BSPP collapsed and some 3,000 young-and-adults sacrificed their lives.
	SLORC cracked down on the people's quest for democracy to seize the power on 18-8-89.

	Aung San Suu Kyi and her colleagues formed the National League for Democracy.
	SHE was put under house-arrest on 20-7-89.
	NLD won by 82% of seats in 1990 election under martial law.
	SLORC turned down its promise to relinquish power to NLD.

National Convention ( NC )
	A new conspiracy of the SLORC was to write a new constitution.
	The National Convention commenced in January 1993. 
	Unpredicted adjournments and undemocratic procedures. 
	The principles already laid down are just to legitimize the military rule forever.

	All opposition groups who can express rejected from the counterfeit NC.
	NLD and others to their possible  maximum, in the NC, tried to disapprove the NC.
	Two NC representatives from the elected MP group departed from the NC and went exile.
	One MP was sentenced to seven years for his critical statement against the NC.

Aung San Suu Kyi
	Tremendous international and domestic pressure forced SLORC to release HER on 10-6-95.
	SHE asks for a dialogue to solve the problems of Burma on the basic of reconciliation.
	On 22-11-95, SHE, in a press conference rejected the NC in its present formula.
Burmese democratic groups in India
	WE strongly denounce the SLORC's NC from the very beginning.
	WE say NC of the SLORC is a sham.
	WE give 100% support to HER stand.

WE demand
	SLORC to stop the NC immediately.
	NLD and all political parties to boycott the NC.
	All 700 delegates not to show up in the NC.
	A substantive dialogue to solve all problems of Burma right now.
	A genuine National Convention instead.

Burmese democratic groups in India (New Delhi)

For more information:	See provided materials issued by:
			the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma
			National League for Democracy / Liberated Area
			Burma Lawyers Council
			Federation of Trade Unions, Burma
			All Burma Students Democratic Front
			All Burma Students League ( India )


November 26, 1995

M    E    M    O    R    A    N    D    U    M


The National League for Democracy / Liberated Area constantly recognizes Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as the General Secretary of the NLD and as the highest leader of the democracy struggle in Burma. The objectives and aims of NLD and ours are exactly alike. The 

NLD/LA's vision on the present National Convention in Rangoon is identical as that of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD had recently said.
General outlook
	- SLORC has no mandate to assemble such a convention,
	- at the topmost are generals who do not appreciate democracy and a democratic constitution,
	- it does not meet interest of civilian population,
	- it does not comply with 1994 UN resolutions, 
	- the representatives were selected by authorities by way of military intelligent,
	- the representatives from peasants, workers and government employees are hand-picked because 	there are associations of them at all,
	- the representation of political parties is barely 15.24% of all delegates and NLD was placed at 	gun-point to choose its representatives.
	- there is no time schedule of such a major task,
	- the official reasons of unusual adjournments are ridiculous,
	- the delegates in the meeting are put under convention-arrest as they were mixed with spies even 	in the bed-rooms, they were summoned and warned if they said a single word critical to the 	SLORC, they were not allowed to submit anything for a fair cons

titution, and etc. etc.,
	- decisions have been made without an impartial deliberation, without consultation with the 	people whom they represented for,
	- the chairpersons are just to read the papers dictated by the authorities,
	- though SLORC itself  declared the task of National Convention was laying down the 	principles for a constitution, many small particular clauses were forced to decide.
Minority problem
	- Alongside the democracy, ethnic question is a key problem to solve. But SLORC's version on 	ethnic issue can not be acceptable by the ethnic minorities,
	- The armed resistant ethnic groups had no right to express their vision in that conference,
	- They were forced to meet SLORC's cease-fire terms before they got a seat to observe and just 	for clapping the hands.

NLD/LA gives 100% support to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD's perspective of 22-11-95. NLD/LA wants all delegates, no matter hand-picked or not, to boycott the National Convention at present formula. NLD/LA demands SLORC to realize the deepness of the polit

ical problem and to reverse its attitude for the betterment of all.
The National League for Democracy / Liberated Area