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Press Release
                        "Spies escaped from ABSDF detention"
        On the night of November 24, 1995, two spies of Slorc's National
Intelligence Bureau, sentenced to ten years imprisonment by ABSDF escaped
from the jail along with two other detainees. 
        The incidence occured after they managed to break-out after
cutting the wooden bars of the detention cell.  The security for the
detention was not enough tight as they were detained in the temporary
cells while the ABSDF camp in that Karenni area is in mobile condition. 
        The spies who escaped are Ne Win Aung (Captain, 3635, National
Intelligence Bureau of Slorc) and Soe Lin (Special Agent, P.C. 2784
National Intelligence Bureau).  They were exposed as infiltrated spies who
were assigned to distrupt the stability of ABSDF and to sneak the ABSDF's
information out. They had arranged to close to leadership and they were
found out later after the spy-ring was exposed starting from ABSDF
(Northern Burma). They were charged as spies and sentencd to ten years
jail term by ABSDF judge panel. 
        The two other namely, Htin Kyaw and Myint Oo were arrested for
attempting and organizing other fellows to surrender to Slorc with arms.
They have not been trialed yet due to the current unstable situation. 
        ABSDF could not find out the whereabout of these escaping 
detainees as the time 
of this press release.
ABSDF Central Executive Committee
1 December 1995.