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Investments In Burma (r)

On 29 Oct 1995 tmyint@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: Tun Myint <tmyint@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dear All:
> The following table of ranking investors in Burma is from Oct. 12, 1995 
> issue of Far Eastern Economic Review.
> My comment on this is that it is surprising to see the U.S 
> position as the fifth in share of "foreign direct investment" 
> in Burma.  I am believing U.S is one among the top. I would 
> be happy if anyone could explain more about it. 

The Human Rights Watch World Report 1995 cites the U.S. as the second 
largest investor in Burma in 1994. However, the number it lists ($203 
million) is comparable to the 1995 figures in the table. The only nation 
outranking the USA in 1994 was Thailand with $210 million. This suggests 
a serious increase in investment from some of the countries listed. 
However, the standards for investment between these two sources may be 
different. Can someone look into this?

Carwil James