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To <tozzi@dcseq.uscga.edu>;Please n

Subject: To <tozzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;Please note that; there is no personal attack on Dr. Ne Oo; but the fact is barely expressed!

Dear respectable Mr./Ms.(tozzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx),

Let me clarify the matter which become more and more in the picture of 
our struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma.
You wrote:
	> In reference to ***Teresa O'Shannassy's personal attack***(1) on Dr. 
	> Ne Oo, I continue to question whether or not ***the anti-SLORC 
	> movement ***(2) can be successful if it is filled with people who 
	> ***simply seem to act purely on emotion***(3).  Ms. O'Shannassy's 
	> posting is a perfect example of my concern. 

Let me explain point to point in numbers. 

(1) Ms. Teresa O'Shannassy was not attacking personally on Dr. Ne Oo. There 
was no such personal attack involve in this matter. It is merely an expression
of a real FACT! When such a fact is too real in the picture, you have seen 
the uglyness in its fullness. However, it was not a responsibility of light 
which spotted the picture, rather the picture itself is too ugly to look at.

(2) our struggle for democracy is not an ANTI-SLORC movement, we don't 
attack, we don't fight, but we *strive* to bring democracy and dignity to 
our society. Let me quote, "The struggle for democracy and human rights in 
Burma is a struggle for life and dignity. It is a struggle that 
encompasses our political, social and economic aspirations." (Aung San 
Suu Kyi).

(3) Ms. O'Shannassy might be using her emotion as complementary energy to 
express what should have said, but it was not **simply seem to act purely on 
emotion*** as you put it. We human beings can only express words after 
thoughts had established. Thoughts come not only from emotion but also from 
the sense of duty which has to answer the calls. Once one felt that she or he 
has to say something at one point, thought comes, then words, then speaking or 
writing follows. My point is that she does not seem to act purely on emotion,
rather she was the one who answers the calls.
At this point, what is count basically is the sense of duty in the first 
place. Thereafter, the way of expression, carefully chosen words, language 
skill, personal style, etc. etc. follow in a row to be taken into account.

As a Burmese saying goes, "Wise person can see one mile when he is shown one 
inch". Therefore, I can safely leave you here in order to save your valuable 
time and so do ours.

Last but not least,
you have said:
	> When one becomes a slave to his emotions, he becomes a puppet to the
	> group that can most effectively manipulate him.  What any movement 
	> needs are reasonable men and women who are able to evaluate all 
	> opinions objectively and respond with some form of dignity.
Thank you for your wise words. Although we have learned this from our 
teachers, books, various wise people and, from our own life experiences, we 
must repeat hearing it as often as opportunity comes and bring it into

Sincerely yours,
Ni Ni.