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ABSDF Declaration

October  20, 1995
        The fourth conference of the All Burma Students Democratic Front 
successfully ended on October 20, 1995 at the student camp in the 
liberated area. The  15-
day conference which had its first session on October 5, was attended by 
representatives from the different student camps.
        During the sessions of conference, representatives analyzed the 
current political 
situation inside Burma and also adopted the future political policy and 
military strategy of 
the front.  The participant also amended and adopted the organizations 
constitution and  
military code of conducts based on the four Geneva Conventions.
        The following aims and objectives were promulgated;
(1) to liberate the entire people of Burma from the suppression of 
military dictatorship
(2) to achieve democracy and human rights
(3) to restore internal peace 
(4) to emerge  Federal Union of Burma.
        The participants of the conference unanimously decided to 
intensity their struggle 
until these aims and objectives are achieved.
        After the secret ballots, new Central Committee composed with 24 
members and 3 
reserved Central Committee members were elected.  Naing Aung was 
re-elected as the 
Chairman. Kyaw Kyaw was also re-elected as Vice-chairman. Sai Myint Thu 
was elected 
general secretary while Myint Cho and Htay Aung were named joint 
secretary (1) and (2).
        ABSDF Conference strongly denounces the State Law and Order 
Council (Slorc) for its responsibility for on-going human rights 
violations and  lack of 
democracy in Burma. ABSDF also gets aware of the education, health and 
social crisis 
inside due to the cause of  economic hardships.  ABSDF strongly believes 
that, in order to 
cure this crisis, military dictatorship must end and democratic 
government with the people 
support must be restored in Burma. The will of the people can be clearly 
seen in the 1990 
elections when they expressed their desire for restoration of democracy 
in their 
        To emerge towards a peaceful and developing country, it much 
depends on 
whether Slorc wants to solve the political impasse by political means. 
Thus, ABSDF 
supports the national reconciliation called by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi  to 
overcome the 
present political problems in Burma.
        ABSDF also believes that national reconciliation with full 
guaranty of the 
democratic and ethnic rights only can move towards the genuine and 
long-lasting peace in 
        ABSDF strongly demands the comprehensive political dialogue 
between Slorc, the 
democratic forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic forces (both 
from the 
liberated areas and from inside Burma) and also believes that it is the 
only means of 
proceeding with genuine national reconciliation in Burma.
        ABSDF welcomes and  is ready to cooperate with Slorc without any 
suspicion if 
Slorc is sincere to work for genuine democratization  for the sake of the 
entire Burmese 
        Though ABSDF welcomes the peaceful solution to overcome the 
political impasse, 
ABSDF will continue the struggle until the termination of the military 
dictatorship in 
Burma by all means.
        ABSDF warmly welcomes the commitment of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for 
cause of democracy struggle since her release. ABSDF fully supports Daw 
Aung San Suu 
Kyi and her leadership role as long as she is struggling for Burma and 
its people.
        ABSDF also urges to establish more unity and cooperation among 
the democratic 
forces in order to build up the solidarity.  ABSDF also will works with 
full extend of its 
effort for the solidarity of ABSDF, among the students and all opposition 
        ABSDF strongly believes that, only with the participation of the 
entire people, 
military dictatorship can be toppled down. ABSDF urged the entire Burmese 
people to 
join actively in hands with the democratic forces in the struggle for 
democracy and human 
rights in Burma.
        ABSDF rewards the honor to the people have sacrificed their lives 
during the 
struggle against the military dictatorships in Burma and notes their 
        ABSDF also expresses its gratitude to the people who are still
fighting for democracy and to the person, organizations and governments
who are supporting ABSDF physically and morally. With the support to our
organization, ABSDF will take more responsibility for its duty. 
        ABSDF also requests our friends to continue the support for the 
struggle and urges to continue the effective pressure on Slorc internationally.
        To show its sincerity for national reconciliation, Slorc must 
take the following 
- to unconditionally release all political prisoners including Min Ko Naing.
- to stop the so-called National Convention.
- to abolish all unlawful acts and restrictions in Burma.
- to institute a nationwide cease-fire
-to start meeting with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in the first stage and 
announcing that they 
would agree to hold the tripartite meeting.
        In conclusion, ABSDF would like to express its determination  to 
continue the 
struggle until the end of military dictatorship who are hindering the 
peace and 
development in Burma.