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Translation from the Mirror

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ISBDA Translation from the October 4, 1995 issue of Kyee Mon
(The Mirror) Burmese Language Newspaper

News Fabricator Exposed and Arrested
News Sent Out To Anti-government Groups and 
Money Received For That
Making Foreign Countries Misinterpret Burma 

Rangoon, October 3, 1995

Ye Htut (father's name: U Maung Maung) who lives at Apt 29,
Building # 12, Phasapala Ward, (Rangoon), was arrested together
with proof and documents, on September 27, 1995 by members of
military intelligence after revealing his fabrications of false news
on Burma.

Getting Fees

According to testimony of Ye Htut, he had been fabricating news
and falsehoods since 1991, and has to send these to Yin Htwe and
Ms Win Win Htay who are residents of Canada. In 1992, Ms Win
Win Htay introduced him to Kyi Zaw @ Zaw Gyi @ Aung Zaw,
who is living in Thailand at PO BOX (22), Rajathevee Post
Office, Phayathai Road, Bangkok 10401, Thailand, and also to
Mr. John Jackson at PO BOX 120 4, Nana Post Office, Bangkok,
210112, Thailand, and he sent the news to them.   For sending
these news stories he received money as fees.

The receiver of the news  is Kyi Zaw @ Zaw Gyi @ Aung Zaw is
leader of  Burma Information Group (BIG) which is an illegal
organization based in Bangkok, Thailand.  The BIG is an
organization that distributes false news on Burma by publishing
and distributing the bulletins such as The Irrawaddy, Radio
Burma, Burma Issues, etc. In these bulletins, anti-Myanmar
people, including exiled U Thaung (Aung Ba La), Bertil Lintner,
have been writing news articles. The publications of BIG are
regularly send to the Foreign Relations Committee of US Senate,
Congressional Foreign Affair Committes.  Moreover, the
publications are distributed to Amnesty International (London),
Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights (New York), Human
Rights Watch (Asia) (New York), Burma Relief Center (Japan),
Evengelical Church in Germany, Churches Development
Services, AFP Bangkok, JVA (Japan), etc. For this publication
program, NGOs from America, Australia, and Norway etc., have
been finacially supporting BIG.  

To be Charged

According to the authorities, actions are to be followed in
accordance with the law on Ye Htut (father's name: U Maung
Maung)  who send to Burma Information Group the fabricated
and false news on Burma to be misintrepreted by foreign

\End Of Translation