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Bob Hawke

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 " HAWKE's Burma dealings'wrong' "

 A long-time friend and minister under
 former prime minister  Mr. Bob Hawke
 said  yesterday  the  former   prime
 minister's business dealings with the
 Burmese government had been wrong and
 he was prepared to tell that to a
 committee of the Federal Parliament.
 Mr.Clyde Holding, who was Mr.Hawke's
 Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and 
 later  Arts  and  Territories,  was 
 concerned Australia should not have
 economic   dealings   with    Burma
 considering  its  history  of human
 rights abuse.

 He  told  'the Australian'  he  was
 prepared to relate his beliefs to the
 federal Parliament's Human Rights sub 
 committee, which started  its  latest
 round of hearings in Canberra yesterday.
 Mr.Holding, a Victorian Labor MHR, is 
 Australia's  delegate  on  the  human 
 rights  committee   of   the   Inter-
 Parliamentary Union which monitors the
 plight of jailed politicians.


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