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/* Written 27 Aug 9:00am 1995 by DRUNOO@xxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.burma */
/* -------------" Beyond Rangoon - reaches Adelaide "-------------- */

The Amensty  International  in  South  Australia is organizing the premiere
screening  of  the  film "BEYOND RANGOON" in September.  We the Burmese are
very happy to give support to Amnesty as the film  will  help  educate  the
local Australian pupulace about general human rights situation in Burma. We
are  now helping the  Amnesty  International  by  selling  tickets  to  the
people.  Tickets available from local Amnesty office, 1st floor, 155 Pierie
Street, Adelaide SA 5000. -- U Ne OO.

---------------------- AMNESTY FLYER --------------------------------

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL invites you to the premiere screening of:


Starring Patricial ARquette

Thursday 14th September, Academy Cinemas, Hindmarsh Square, 7.00pm

Tickets $10.00 - only available from AI office

The  evening will start at 7.00pm with a short talk about the current human
rights situation in Burma. An information stall and food from Burma will be
available for a small cost.

Beyond Rangoon is a powerful new film, by master film  maker  John  Boorman
(Emerald Frest, Hope and Glory, Excalibur). This is a moving account of one
woman's  story  during  the turbulent days of the pro-democracy movement in
Burma in the late 1980's.

When Laura undertakes an "unofficial tour" of the countryside and  ventures
beyond  Rangoon  into the war torn country side, the conflict and injustice
long hidden from her and the majority of the outside  world  is  shockingly
brought to life.

For more information contact Deb or Roxanne on 232-0066.

Proceeds to Amnesty INternational

Supported by Burma Action SA.

/* Endreport */