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DBSO Newsletter (r)

Vol. 1 No. 5				                               August 28, 1995

Students take the opportunity of "Beyond Rangoon"
August 28, 1995

	Members of Democratic Burmese Students Organization all over the US. are 
staging a successful political campaign by taking the opportunity provided by
Rangoon" movie. Here is a summary of students activities throughout the
United States.

	Members of DBSO (West Coast) helped organize the "Beyond Rangoon" preview 
show ( sponsored by Burma Forum) at  Sony Backstage Theater, Culver City on
15, 1995. Members of Amnesty International and Rain Forest Action  were also
Pam from Rain Forest Action gave an opening note and expressed gratitude to
the movie 
makers. Taw Myo Myint of DBSO also gave a speech to the audience both in
English and 
in Burmese. DBSO members also distributed free tickets to UNOCAL staff in
front of the 
UNOCAL  HQ. Movie previews were also played on August 16, 17 and 22nd at
Oaks, Santamonica and Torrance California. Three hundred and fifty signatures
collected for a petition, urging California senators to support  Senator
Mitch McConnell's 
bill which is to impose trade sanctions on Burma's military regime. "Beyond
movie campaign fliers were also distributed.

	DBSO members in Rockford  and Normal organized a demonstration in front of 
the theater carrying placards and posters. Campaign fliers were also
distributed. Ko Min 
Thaw of DBSO has arranged an interview with  a local  newspaper. Students are
to give a speech regarding current political situation in Burma and students'
role at a local 
church on August 21.

	In Fort Wayne, students volunteered to sell tickets at a movie theater
"Beyond Rangoon".  A group of Burmese students organized a demonstration at
theater carrying placards and posters. Campaign fliers were also distributed.
Every eighth 
person of the audience, a total of four ( remarking 8-8-88 ), were given
gifts such as 
lacquer wares and Burmese movie tapes, by students.

	In Austin, DBSO members distribute fliers at four movie theaters where
Rangoon" is playing. A local newspaper requested the opinion of DBSO on the
Myo Aung who is doing the movie campaign in Austin, has received many calls
interested viewers, inquiring about the current situation in Burma and
students' role in the 
8-8-88 uprising. Another DBSO member, Ko Myat Moe is also campaigning
actively in 
Dallas and Denton.

New York
	In Buffalo, Peter Win Naing has been distributing campaign fliers at
playing "Beyond Rangoon". He also received an interview with a local TV
regarding the 8-8-88 uprising and current political situation in Burma.
	DBSO members in New York City have already distributed hundreds of fliers at

theaters playing "Beyond Rangoon".

	Thousands of campaign  fliers were distributed by DBSO members at several 
theaters. Aye Min of DBSO had an interview with a local newspaper in
Virginia ( Richmond Times-Dispatch) regarding students' role in the 8-8-88

More campaign activities to be followed -----

Indiana Meeting-- A success

	DBSO members met in Indiana on July 28 and discussed the future activities
DBSO. At the meeting students decided to call the 2nd DBSO (USA) conference
December 1995. Due to lack of enough members attendance, students decided to
call the 
meeting  "Second annual DBSO (USA) Conference", as it has been planned. In
meeting better understanding among Burmese students living in various regions
of US 
has been built. The following decisions were made:
- Each region has the right to develop its own organization structure to meet
its regional 
requirement; however, there must be at least one representative at each
- Following members are given responsibilities to collect  funds for ABSDF
	Aye Aye Soe Win			Chit Kyi
	PO Box 235				838-2, Ridgewood Dr
	Normal, IL 61761			Fort Wayne, IN 46805
	Ph- 309 452 5710			Ph- 219 484 4915
- (East Coast) Saw Maung Naing
		PO Box 64
		Rockville, MD 20848
-(West Coast) Ko Mu Tha
		309 N Sierra Vista St
		Monterey Park, CA 91755
		818 573 1137
	Students are urged to donate a minimum of  $ 5.00 a month. All donations
will be 
sent directly to ABSDF. Please contact your nearest responsible persons.

- Ko Tun Myint ( Indiana University) is responsible for establishing a
computer e-mail 
net work for Burmese students.
- Ko Aye Min ( Virginia ) is given the responsibility to publish a monthly

Thanks from our brothers in ABSDF
	Ma Aye Aye Soe Win has already sent ( ABSDF has received) $ 170.00 to 
ABSDF. Thanks to all of our friends at the Indiana meeting. That is the way
to show our 
solidarity with our brothers.

DBSO e-mail account set up
	DBSO e-mail account has  already been set up. The address is 
dbsousa@xxxxxxxxxxx . Currently, only four people have access to this
account. It means 
only those four ( Aye Min, Zaw Zaw (East Coast), Tun Myint (mid-west), Thein
Gi Kyaw 
(West Coast), have the pass word and can post news and statements on behalf
of DBSO 
on the internet. We preliminarily agree the following facts:
- Any of those four individuals can post local activities and news.
- Any statements or opinions of DBSO(USA) must be discussed before the
messages are 
posted on the internet. 

Non-violence training workshop in Washington DC
August 6, 1995
	A Non-violence training workshop organized by DBSO (East Coast) was held in 
Washington DC at NCGUB office. Gene Sharp a renowned non-violence activist
author gave lecture and discussion regarding non-violence struggle. Students
attended the workshop said the training gave them opportunity to explore new
ideas and 

Monthly meeting in Washington DC
	DBSO, CRDB, NCGUB and Chin Youth Organization met in Washington DC on 
August 20, 1995. At the meeting, the current political situation in Burma was

Democratic Burmese Students Organization ( Japan )

	Members of DBSO (Japan ) together with BYVA and  8-8-88 organization staged 
a demonstration in front of the Burmese embassy in Tokyo on August 8 to
the 7th anniversary of the 8-8-88 uprising. DBSO and other democratic
organized a demonstration in Tokyo to protest Japan's decision to resume ODA 
assistance to Burma.

All Burma Students Democratic Organization ( Australia ) Activities

	 On August 8, 1995, 21 members of ABSDO donated blood to mark the 
anniversary of 8-8-88 uprising, in Melbourne, Australia. Also on August 8,
members staged a demonstration in Melbourne to commemorate the 8-8-88

Any information regarding ABSDO can be contacted at:
Nyan Lin Shwe (Chairman- ABSDO)
Ph-(03) 981 2835

Myo Aye ( Central Committee Member)
616 2511 457
e-mail - u941659@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All Burma Student League
	A collection of revolutionary songs by Burmese democratic activists in India
be ordered at All Burma Students League ( ABSL ). A lyric book with English
is included. All 14 Burmese songs depicts the struggle for democracy in
Burma. Orders 
can be sent to Poe Zi Wa, PO Box 91, Rockville, MD 20851. ABSL thanks you for
support for democracy in Burma.

Democratic Burmese Organization ( Vancouver- Canada )

	Burmese students and patriotic Burmese in Vancouver, Canada founded 
Democratic Burmese Organization in July 1995. DBO pledged to continue the
struggle to 
restore democracy to Burma, and actively cooperate with other democratic
forces. BDO 
also organized a demonstration in front of the theater playing "Beyond
Rangoon", and 
distributed campaign fliers. Any information regarding BDO can be inquired
Ko Aye Kyaw
545 East 50th St
Vancouver, BC V5X 1A9
Ph- 604 322 7787 ( e-mail- 102466.3061@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx )

DBSO (East Coast) annual meeting 
September 3, 1995
	DBSO (East Coast) annual meeting will be held in Rockville, Maryland on 
September 3, 1995. All members are strongly urged to attend the meeting. The
agenda (and more) will be discussed:
- elect new representatives
- discuss a new organizational structure
-evaluate "Beyond Rangoon" movie campaign.

Thanks to U Htin Latt and Aunty Florrie

	DBSO thanks U Htin Latt and Daw Florrie for their donation of $500.00 and
copies of fliers to the "Beyond Rangoon" movie campaign. The money will be
among students to share part of their cost for campaign activities.