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Four parties set up a military alli

Subject: Four parties set up a military alliance

                              PRESS RELEASE
                 Four parties set up a military alliance 
                                                    Date: August 25, 1995

Following the Slorc's breaking of ceasefire agreement with KNPP and
increasing of  sending troops to the KNPP area to wipe out KNPP members
from their native area, leaders of the Karenni National Progressive
Party(KNPP),  All Burma Students' Democratic Front(ABSDF), Mergui/Tavoy
United Front  and Social Democrats, Burma(SDB) organized a meeting aiming
to find out an appropriate way to help the KNPP, at a secret location of
Burma near Thai-Burma border, on August 17, 1995.

The violation of the ceasefire by the SLORC has led to the critical
military situation in the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) area.
To support the KNPP in it's just struggles and to initiate a genuine
country-wide national reconciliation, the military alliance was formed.

The members agreed to cooperate and help each other.

The meeting agreed to strengthen the line of communication and exchange of
information amongst the group.

 A meeting will be done very soon for the extension and promotion of
cooperative work.
The meeting assigned U Nyi Htwe of SDB as a Coordinator of the military

The Alliance reiterated that they will continue their struggle until the
achievement of their goals despite any difficulties.

The Alliance calls on the international community to impose effective
sanctions against the Slorc until a genuine democratic government is formed
with the mandate of the entire people of Burma..
1. U Raymond Htoo        Gen Sec:       Karenni National Progressive Party
2. U Saw Han             Chairman       Mergui/Tavoy United Front
3. U Sein Yin            Member              Mergui/Tavoy United Front
4. U Moe Thee Zun        Chairman            All Burma Students' Democratic Front
5. U Aung Thu Nyein      Vice-Chairman  ABSDF
6. U Win Min             Joint-Gen Secretary ABSDF
7. U Zaw Min             Joint-Secretary     ABSDF          
8. U Nyi Htwe       Chairman            Social Democrats, Burma
9. U Than Lwin           Exec. Dir:          Social Democrats, Burma   

Zaw Min
Joint-Secretary of Foreign Affairs
For more information please contact: Zaw Min_ joint-Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the ABSDF _Tel/Fax: 379