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Slorc fears bad things behind the solar eclipse

The coming solar eclipse, on 28 October, 1995, would influence
both southern Shan state of Burma and the world, said by the
Burmese astrologers. Traditionally, Burmese people believe that
bad things will effect to the ruling government after occurring
the solar eclipse. Especially, it means that the government would
be changed from one to another.

Now, the Slorc is concerned about their controlled National
Convention which will be held again on October 24, 1995, in
Rangoon. The Slorc's so-called National convention was started on
January 9, 1993, but the Slorc has postponed the National
Convention for five times from 1993 to 1995. 

Time            duration              attended representatives

First         9.1.93- 11.1.93                    699
Second        1.2.93-  8.4.93                    695
Third         7.6.93- 16.9.93                    680
Fourth       18.1.94-  9.4.94                    643
Fifth         2.9.94-  7.4.95                    633
Sixth     scheduled to be restarted on 24.10.95    ?

On 24.8.92, one day after the retirement of Senior Gen Saw Maung,
who ever told that the Tatmadaw(Army) will transfer power to the
elected representatives of 1990 election and the Tatmadaw(army)
personnel will go back to the military barracks, Slorc announced
Notification No: 11/92 in order to held a national convention
within six months refusing to transfer the state power. 

Concerning the National Convention to draft the constitution,
Aung San Suu Kyi who was recently released from her six years of
house arrest, said that It is supposed to be a National
Convention, and a National Convention means that all forces in
the nation are involved, and what we would like to see it as a
true national one, and we should work together.

"The draft constitution is certainly not heading on the track to
democracy. So I think they should be open to negotiations" said
Aung San Suu Kyi.

Regarding the basic principles in the constitution, she said that
the basic principle of any genuine democratic government is that
the people should be able to decide whom they want to be at the
helm of the nation and when remove this people. "Every truly
democratic government must have the mandate of the people and
proper institutions to ensure that this mandate is given." she

At present, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the national opposition leader
and a Nobel Peace laureate has offered the Slorc a dialogue for
national reconciliation, but no response from the Slorc military
regime yet.    

Voice of the Peacock
8888 camps