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Thai papers, 8/22/95

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Foreign minister asked to explain ties with Burma
Bkk Post/22.8.95

THE House Foreign Affairs- Committee has invited Foreign Minister
MR. Kasem S. Kasemsri to explain current relations between
Thailand and Burma to the committee on Thursday.

Committee chairman Suwat Liptapallop, secretary-general of the
Chart Pattana Party, said the recent murder of Burmese crewmen on
board a Thai vessel and the subsequent closure of the border
between the two countries have seriously affected the economy and

The committee wants the Foreign- Minister to explain the
situation and the Government's policy towards neighbouring

Representatives of the National Security Council will also be
invited to testify, Mr Suwat said.

Mr Suwat urged the Government to speed up efforts to improve the
worsening relations with Burma "before it is too late."

A delegation led by M.R. Kasem will visit Rangoon early next

Chief adviser to the Foreign Minister Gen Siri Tiwaphan
said during a border inspection in Tak Province's Mae Sot
district the visit would take place after Deputy Prime Minister
and Defence Minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh returns from Burma.

Gen Siri believed a joint Thai-Burmese border demarcation
committee to solve border disputes would help resolve conflicts
between the two countries.

Thailand and Burma were successful in their joint demarcation of
the border in the Mae Sai and Ruak rivers while he was Third Army


Interior official plays down Burma's sea border closure
The Nation/22.8.95
DEPUTY permanent secretary for the Interior Damri Wattanasingha
yesterday played down the seriousness of the Burmese closure of
its sea border with Thailand, claiming it is closed annually at
this time of the year because of egg laying season.
His comments contradict reports that the border was closed in
wake of the murders of at least six Burmese fishermen on board a
Thai vessel.

Damri said Rangoon had simply "suspended", not "revoked", the
fishing licence of the Thai company whose vessels and crewmen
were suspected of involvement in the murders of the Burmese

"The NCC Asia Fishery Co Ltd had its fishing licence suspended
because it had violated some regulations by using nets to catch
shrimps and equipping its vessel with a radar," Damri said. 

"The closure of waters for fishing at this time of the year is
Burma's annual practice because it is the season fish lay eggs.
Fishing during this period is prohibited. It is understandable,
"he stressed.

His information is at odds with that of senior Interior Ministry
officials, Defence Minister Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh and local

Earlier reports had it that Rangoon closed its territorial waters
to all Thai vessels, even if they held concessions to fish in
Burmese waters.

The order came shortly after the government was alerted to the
incident in which Thai fishermen murdered Burmese crewmen.

The murders were reportedly committed after the Burmese informed
their authorities of illegal fishing activities being carried out
by the company off the southern province of Ranong.

The bodies of at least six Burmese fishermen have been swept
ashore since the incident. The men had clearly been beaten and
their ankles and wrists tied with rope before being thrown

"Because the company's vessels and fishermen are alleged to have
been -involved in the murders, it should bear' responsibility for
the incident," said Damri.

Two men have already been arrested in connection with the

Eight Thais suspected of involvement in the murders were still at

San Miguel makes first sale to Burma
The Nation_Local/Regional business/22.8.95

AP-Dow Jones

MANILA _ San Miguel Packaging Products (SMPP), a division of food
and beverage giant San Miguel Corp (SMC), has made its first sale
to Burma, according to a company statement issued yesterday.

SMPP Division President Raul C Hernandez said the shipment covers
two 20-foot vans of bottle caps, which was ordered by Burma-based
beverage companies Pepsi Cola Products Myanmar and Lo Hein

Hernandez said the two transactions mark the entry of SMPP into
the Burmese market. The orders will be shipped to Burma in

SMPP also exports softdrink caps to Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea
and Nepal, as well as other types of bottle caps to Bangladesh.

The business ties SMC is forging with Burma through SMPP is a
step toward the company's efforts to establish a solid foothold
in the South Asian market, the statement said.

In 1994, SMC entered the Indian market with its shrimp-feed

SMC is currently exploring the possibility of establishing a
joint venture brewery in India.

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