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Burma Action

Dear Mr. Schnell:

I am the coordinator of the New York strategy meeting on Burma. The 
meeting is intended to be private, allowing activists to talk openly 
and off-the-record. 

We will be discussing upcoming press releases and 
action packets on boycotts, selective purchasing laws, setting up 
local Burma action groups etc.

>From your email, it sounds like that you want to be more involved. If 
you let me know what part of the world you are from, I can give you 
the name and address of a local Burma action group.  Here are some 
people to contact regarding certain tactics and boycotts.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Selective purchasing laws: Conrad MacKerron pam@xxxxxxxxxxx
Pepsi Boycott: Canadian Friends of Burma cfob@xxxxxxxxxxx
Unocal Boycott: Rainforest Action Network (LA): ranla@xxxxxxxxxxx

Simon Billenness
Franklin Research & Development
(617) 423 6655 x225

Date:          19 Aug 1995 11:50:42
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I have heard via FreeBurma on WWW that there is a strategy session occuring
in New York on Aug 24 & 25, 1995 and would like more information. If any
one can send it my way, please do so:
Also, I would like to hear from those who attended to conference.
Observations, goings on, etc... Post here or email me directly, if you