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HRW/Asia report

Due to a communications error between the London and New York
offices of Human Rights Watch, the press release for our ;
latest report on Burma did not get put on the Burmanet. 
For thos of you who do not know, HRW/Asia produced a 
report "Burma: Entrenchment or reform? Human rights developments and the need foror continued international pressure
" on July 27 1995. It is 36 pages long and includes the following chapters:
The Pattern of abuse - Political Prisonsers; The Political Process; The National Convnetion
Forced Labor; Disrcimination against Minorities
Human Rights Abuses During Counterinsurgency Operations - Renewed offensive
in the Karen State; The Offensive against Khun Sa
The International Response - The UN; China; India; ASEAN; Japan; The US
Appendix 1 & 2 US and European companies operating i n Burma

The report is available from Human Rights Watch, 485 Fifth Avenue, New York
10017, USA. Tel: 1-212-972-8400; Fax: 1-212-972-0905 and cists $5.

You can also order by e-mail to hrwnyc@xxxxxxx