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Need info on Pepsi

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Dear Strider,

A representative from both Coca Cola and Pepsico was on
campus today, as the Students' Society is renegotiating{
the food and beverage contracts. I just heard of this now
and have just received an appointment to present to the
committee that will make the final decision.

Could you please forward to my address any documents or
information you feel I could use to present to the committee,
re: Pepsico's involvement, the current situation in Burma,
anything at all that would help to convince these people that{
Pepsi should not be given the contract. Or, could you pass
my request on to the appropriate contact in burmanet?

Thanks for all of your help... the presentation is on Friday (ie
two days from now) so anything you can send by tomorrow would be
really helpful.

I'm also posting this request to s.c.burma and m.a.progressive

Thanks very much.

m-j milloy