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Slorc re-announces oppressive Laws 

On August 13, Voice of Myanmar(VOM), re-announced, in Study
Section (Phat Sa Yar Mhat Sa Yar Gan Da), the explanations  of
section(144), Notification No(2/88), Notification No(8/88), 1950
emergency Acts of section(2), (3), (4), (5), (6) which means
forbidding of gathering more than five persons, giving the speech
to the crowd, instigating State unrest, subversive laws against
the state, Act of defaming of state, Section 17 of illegal
organizations, etc.....

Despite the fact that Slorc is now saying that there is peace and
stability in the country and improvement in economy, their
reiteration and reference of oppressive laws and orders again, in
the State run media, is a self-convincing proof of instability in
Burma. The Slorc intention to intimidate the people with the
threat of heavy punishment and force them to stay under constant

In Rangoon and Mandalay there are pamphlets distributed by
the students for the diamond jubilee of the Rangoon University at
the end of 1995, according to inside sources.

The situation is very fragile and similar to the period prior to
the 8888 nation-wide popular democracy uprising. Any time,
anything can lead to an outbreak of public movement as in 1988,
said one student from inside Burma. 

The gap between "have" and "no have" became much broader. Rice
soup bottles are very popular among the grassroots people in
Rangoon, particularly in outskirts of Rangoon while a handful of
privileged class who have very closed relationship with Slorc
Generals are enjoying in hotels and restaurants which charges
100,000 Kyats for one set of meal. Prostitution also
became increased in Rangoon and HIV infected rate is rapidly

on August 7, 1995, Lt. Gen. Khin Nyunt, said "we will never
forgive anyone who brake the laws of the state."

Lt. Gen. Khin Nyunt also give a speech at the 17th Closing
Ceremony of the Teacher Training for Basic Education
level in Phaung Gyi stating that There are foreign countries who
are instigating the people to see resurgence of the public unrest
in the country. "Students inside the country are instigating the
people to create an uprising again too. So the teachers have the
full responsibility to monitor closely and keep tight control
over it" said Khin Nyunt on Friday.

Date: August 15, 1995