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Urgently need info on UNDP

A Japanese journalist is writing an article about UNDP activities in Burma.
She is trying to confirm that UNDP funded construction of a railroad (she
thinks between Loikaw in Karenni State and Aungban in Shan State) associated
with forced labor and other human rights abuses. "I met a Karenni woman at
Weggi Camp Feb. '93," she writes. "She said that her husband was shot
because he refused to move to a concentration camp in March '92. She and her
5 children went to the concentration camp and worked as forced labor to
construct the railway line."

If you have any information about the link between the UNDP and this
particular project (or know where I can get it), please post it to me and
I'll forward it to her.


P.S. Her deadline is Mon., Aug. 14.