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Lobby for Burma for free (BurmaWeb)

Subject: Re: Lobby for Burma for free (BurmaWeb)

Dear Simon,

We were hoping to build files on companies investing in Burma for WWW. I 
know many groups and activists have files, including articles, 
statements, press releases, investment figures, company products, and so 

In order to create a more effective boycott campaign, this information 
should be collected and made available electronically.

There are different web groups able to put this information online - but 
we cannot gather it all together AND prepare it for the web.

So I am asking all groups involved with corporate withdrawal campaigns to 
send us your information - electronically or via post - and we will 
create web pages. Photos, logos and texts can be scanned in by our group, 
so please include anything you find relevant. If you already have any 
information on diskette, please Email it to us, or send in the mail.

Now is the time to get an organized and internationalized campaign 
moving on boycotting SLORC, and keep the momentum going from other 
successful campaigns. 

Please forward materials to:

Postbox 6906
St. Olavs plass
N-0130 Oslo

Email: tormodl@xxxxxxxxxxxx

		Thank you for your support!