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Upda te news of ABSDF

Burma Update News August 10, 1995 

Forced Labour by SLORC For Gas Pipeline

Project For establishing a gas pipeline from Yadana natural gas field at
the Martaban Gulf in Burma to Ratchburi in Thailand, SLORC forced
civilians from the villages on Heinze island to work as volunteers. 
Heinze is situated at, 20 kilometer distant, southwestern part of Phaung
Daw, the village at Ye-phu township in Tennasserium Division. Gas Pipeline
will go from there to Thailand. SLORC has used Heinze Island as a major
camp for storing the equipments as well as security for the gas pipeline.
On that island, helicopter ground, stores and military barracks are being
established. SLORC has forced 10 villagers from each village to work as
volunteers and altogether 300 are working there at present.  The villagers
who work as volunteers on Heinze Island needs to bring their own supply.
As soon as they get to the camp, the authorities capture all their
supplies; issue rice with a measurement of two milk boxes for a person
daily. As a result, despite hard labour under terrible weather, the
volunteers could not have enough food. Moreover, there is no sufficient
medical supply. A civilian, who doesnt want to be a volunteer and who can
afford to pay money, has to hire another one to work as a volunteer. If
that so, according to the report of a volunteer who returned back from the
camp, he has to pay from 8,000 to 10,000 kyats.  For security of Total
office,a gas pipeline controlled camp, new Light Infantry Regiment No
(273) will be established between Kan Bauk and Ohn Pin Gwin village. Since
the third week of June, gardens and farms of local people, without
offering compensation, have been confiscated by SLORC. Resulting from
shooting occured in the work of gas pipeline SLORC has managed to
establish a new regiment there. Moreover, for the road, which is 5
kilometer long, between Kanbauk and Ohn Bin Gwin village, the villagers in
that area, on the ratio of a person for every house, once a month, have
been forced to work as volunteers.  ABSDF News Agency Dawn Gwin Burma
Update News August 11, 1995
 Human Rights Violations During Incursion of Slorc troops into KNPP
Territory Since 26 June, having launched an offensive with large number of
troops against Karenni National Progressive Party designated area, Slorc
troops committed gross human rights violations on the porters who were
forced to serve under military purpose.  According to report of Maung Tar,
34, and Maung Te, 32, of Kong Thar village, Loikaw township, both escaped
from military column, it was known that on 27 June, a student 18 years of
age served as a porter from Taungyi, was shot dead and kicked into the
ravine on the way of Tatamaw- Maesatae, 20 km distant from the Thai- Burma
border by reason of his inability of carrying things. Furthermore, on July
9, U Myint Naung, 55, a convict from Mandalay Jail who lived next to High
School No. (1) of Myaukpyin Tavoy ward, Mandalay town, fell down while
carrying a sack of rice; as a result, his backbone broke down; and, he was
beaten by Slorc troops from LIB- 426.  On July 23, Corporal Aye Khine shot
dead a porter with G-4 gun and kicked into the canyon by order of his
commander from LIB- 426 for the reason that he could no longer carry the
81- mm artillery shells because of being exhausted. On July 27, a student
aged about 18 was caught as a porter on the way to his grandparents by
Slorc soldiers, and died of hunger at the work site; and there were four
females among the porters who were forced in porterage, according to
porters escaped.  As they stated, it is known that porters were fed only
with boiled rice twice a day; only amount to a condensed milk tin at one
time but soldiers themselves enjoyed with daily meals (rice and curry).
Due to illness, slow walk and unable to work, many porters wer beaten,
scolded and forced to carry extra things by the soldiers. Moreover,
porters were provided with no blankets and rain coats while sleeping in
the rain and no medicines when they suffered from malaria, dysentery and
etc. Under these circumstances, many porters passed away daily as a
consequence. From 26 June onwards, with an aim to use civilians as
military porters, Slorc troops caught about 1,500 villagers nearby
villages of Loikaw township.  
ABSDF News Agency Dawn Gwin 
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