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News: August 9

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Update  Burma 
SLORC  junta  deputy  chairman  Gen. Maung  Aye   is  
himself  in  charge  of  current  offensive  to  eliminate  
indigenous  Karenni  resistance. His  ultimatum  demands  
Karenni  capitulation by  August  13.
Thounsands  of  Karenni  woman  and  men  are  forced  
to  provide  slave  labor  to  SLORC  to  move  the  
Burma  Armys  heavy  equipment  into  the  Karenni  
hills  (  bordering  northwest  Thailand ).  Artillery  is  
pounding  Karenni communities,  causing  waves  of  
Gen.  Maung  Ayes  July  28  speech  predicting  that   
a  peaceful  nation  free  of  armed  strife  would  soon  
be  emerging, apparently  refers  to  the  peace  of  the  
grave  for  indigenous  people  and  their  fellow  
dissidents,  the  Burmese  people  in  Burma  Proper.
Also,  SLORC  closed  the border  at  
Myawaddi(Burma)- Mae  Sot (Thailand)  crossing  to  
punish  local  Thai  merchants  for  their  sympathy  for  
Karen  refugees.
p.s  Dear  strider,

Warm greedings from  ABSDF, How about  your trip to  Rangoon? when  you 
come  back  to  BKK.  By  the way, one of  our  collegues who  come  
from Worway, his  name is Aye  Chan Naing.  He  would like to  talk to 
you, if  you have  some time please, give  a call to us.
With Metta  and solidarity,
Shan Lay.