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Lobby Senators for Burma Sanctions

Dear Friends of Burma:

Please find below the text of leaflets that are being distributed to 
Massachusetts Burma democracy movement supporters.

Feel free to adapt the wording for your home state Senators.

Simon Billenness 
Franklin Research & Development Corp.
(617) 423 6655 x225


Your name and address


Senator John Kerry/Edward Kennedy
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Kerry/Kennedy:

I am writing to ask your support for the Free Burma Act (S1092), 
a bill to impose economic sanctions on Burma. The Free Burma Act 
was introduced on July 28 by Senator Mitch McConnell. Specifically, 
I am requesting that you join with other Senators, both Democrats 
and Republicans, in co-sponsoring S1092.  

(Include a personal paragraph here. If possible, mention your 
personal and family history in Massachusetts. Explain your 
personal interest in Burma.)

Despite the recent release of pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace 
Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, the struggle for democracy in 
Burma is not over.  It was not until two years after the release 
of Nelson Mandela that he called for a lifting of economic 
sanctions on South Africa.  As a recent Boston Globe editorial 
noted: "Efforts to isolate the junta must continue until the 
colonels permit the Burmese to retrieve a legitimate, representative 
government. The world can be certain that Suu Kyi will demand no 

Taking inspiration from the anti-apartheid campaign, cities and 
states are considering laws that would effectively bar the purchase 
of goods or services from companies doing business in Burma.  In 
February, Berkeley, California, became the first city to pass such 
a law.  In Massachusetts, Representative Byron Rushing has introduced 
the first statewide Burma selective purchasing law. This bill, H2833, 
is poised to pass the House and should be considered by the Senate 
when the legislative session resumes in the Fall. 

Massachusetts has a proud history of support for democracy both at 
home and abroad. The Massachusetts Congressional delegation were 
leaders in the struggle against apartheid and have taken a key 
role in pressing for peace in Northern Ireland.  I ask you to 
build on this tradition by supporting Senator Mitch McConnell's 
bill to impose economic sanctions on Burma.