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Burma & U.S. Congress (H.R. 1564)

Attn: Burma Newsreaders
Re: Burma & U.S. Congress (H.R. 1564)


To authorize appropriations for the Department of State and for certain

other international affairs functions and activities of the United States

Government for fiscal years 1996 and... (Introduced in the House)



     (a) Sense of the Congress- It is the sense of the Congress that the

     President should take steps to encourage the United Nations Security

     Council to--

          (1) impose an international arms embargo on Burma ;

          (2) affirm support for human rights and the protection of all

          Karen, Karenni, and other minorities in Burma ;

          (3) condemn Burmese officials responsible for crimes against


          (4) take steps to encourage multilateral assistance programs for

          refugees from Burma in Thailand and India; and

          (5) reduce United Nations activities in Burma , including UNDP

          (United Nations Development Program), UNICEF (United Nations

          Childrens Fund), UNFPA (United Nations Family Planning Agency),

          World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture

          Organization (FAO), and UNIDCP (United Nations International Drug

          Control Program) activities.

     (b) Reduction in Diplomatic Presence- It is the sense of the Congress

     that the President should reduce the diplomatic presence of the United

     States in Burma by reducing the total number of the members of the

     Foreign Service stationed in Burma on the date of enactment of this


     (c) Visas-

          (1) Notwithstanding the Immigration and Nationality Act or any

          other provision of law, no member, officer, or employee of any

          military or police force of Burma under the military regime (the

          State Law and Order Restoration Council `SLORC') shall be granted

          an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa.

          (2) The Secretary of State shall deny a visa under the provisions

          of section 212(a)(3)(C)(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

          (relating to aliens ineligible to receive visas and excluded for

          admission due to potentially serious foreign policy consequences)

          to any official of the Government of Burma who the Attorney

          General determines has committed acts which constitute the

          essential elements of a violation under chapter 113A of title 18,

          United States Code, (relating to the Convention Against Torture

          and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment).

----------------------------------end. (fb.080795.usc)