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ABSDO Statement on 8888

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This is the statement of ABSDO.
Statement on the Anniversary of 8.8.88 Democratic General Uprising

8 August 1995.

Today marks the anniversary of the nationwide General Uprising to end the 
military dictatorship and to restore democracy and human rights in Burma. 
During the student-led demonstrations, there were millions of people 
including monks, students, farmers, workers, army, airforce, navy and 
police officials, joined the demonstration.. As a result, three 
subsequent military governments have been driven out. Our public uprising 
was brutally oppressed in the September 18 coup that established the 
State Law and Order Restoration Council (Slorc). Burma remains under 
military rule, and the people are denied peace and basic human rights.

The release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi does not bring any guarantees for the 
establishment of genuine democratic processes and peace in our country.

The current ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council (Slorc) have 
rejected the will of the people as mandated by the 1990 elections. The 
Slorc continues to deny basic civil rights. Instead the Slorc is 
undertaking a sham National Convention to ensure their own future rule. 
Thousands of political prisoners are held in detention, while the Slorc 
spends the nations resources in increased militarisation and uses its 
stock of arms in the civil war against the ethnic minorities and 
democratic forces.

On the historic day, which marks the beginning of the publicly expressed 
rejection of the military dictatorship and the birth of our nationwide 
movement, the ABSDO expresses our strong support for the struggle for 
democracy that continues in Burma. Even though the General Uprising met 
with brutal military forces, resulting in a crackdown and the loss of 
thousands of lives in the coup, the people of Burma continue to strive 
for the restoration of democracy. In solidarity with the movement in 
Burma, our struggle will be conducted in harmony with the other 
democratic organisations in the border areas and broader international 

The ABSDO is committed to the goals of achieving democracy and human 
rights in Burma. We are determined to achieve international support for 
the struggle in the form of diplomatic and economic pressure against the 
military regime. We will work together with other Australian and 
international organisations and individuals who share this common cause.

Central Committee
All Burma Students Democratic Organisation

We are going to demonstrate in front of the Burmese Embassy on 8 August 
at 12:30 PM.

>From Myo Aye (ABSDO)
No 2 Thurlow Pl, Emu Ridge, Belconnen ACT 2617
Australia. ph (616)2511457.