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Press Release "Burma: the Politics

Reply-To: Miyoko Kobayashi <miyoko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Press Release "Burma: the Politics of Constructive Engagement"

To: Strider
>From : Miyoko

I thought Burmanet readers might be interested in the following
press release:"Burma: the Politics of Constructive Engagement" A
study to be published.


An up-to-the minute analysis of the present state of Burma both
nationally and internationally is presented in "Burma: the Politics
of Constructive Engagement" to be published by the Royal Institute
of International Affairs on July 31st, 1995. 

"Burma is torn by issues such as the role of the army, the validity
of western political models and autonomy for the ethnic minorities
which comprise 35% of the population" says author John Bray "and
the economy becomes reintegrated into the wider regional and global
economies, the ensuing political change will not be easy to

The study owes much to interviews with first-hand observers in
Burma and Japan as well as the rest of Asia, Europe and the United
States.  It looks at the stance and interests of different world
players vis a vis Burma and augurs that the international community
has a legitimate interest in facilitating peaceful political
evolution to promote both national and regional stability. 

John Bray is Head of Research at Control Risks Information
Services, a London-based political and security risk consultancy and
is a specialist in Southeast Asian affairs. 

"Burma: the Politics of Constructive Engagement" by John Bray, 80
pages, published by The Royal Institute of International Affairs,
July 31st 1995, price 6.00. 

Further information from:
        Publications Department
        Royal Institute of International Affairs
        10 St James's Square
        London  SW1Y 4LE
        Tel (44171) 957-5700
        Fax (44171) 957-5710