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Fighting is still in progress along the Karenni - Thai border in the
vicinity of China Mountain.
The All Burma Students' Democratic Front 's Headquarters which was
moved from Dawn Gwynn earlier this year to
near the summit of China mountain on the Karenni-Thai border has had
to move again to the foot of the mountain to a Karenni -Thai village
about two hours from the northern Thai town of Mae Hong Song. The HQ
will not be allowed to stay so far inside Thai territory and will be
on the move again.
Previously when the cease-fire between the Karenni National
Progressive Party (KNPP) and the forces of the Burmese military junta
-State Law & Order Restoration Council (SLORC) was in place and
holding, the ABSDF HQ was ordered to keep a low profile. Now that the
cease-fire has been violated by SLORC the KNPP has given arms to
those students from ABSDF Headquarters who have remained on the
mountain to help the Karenni fight the Burmese military.
At this stage it is not known how many casualties are involved.
When the Karen National Union was still at Mannerplaw the ABSDF
received arms and ammunition plus rations from the Karen, and fought
alongside them. Now that Mannerplaw has fallen the ABSDF without arms
has had to change its tactics and become a political force rather
than a military one. It is more than likely that this new tgack will
be more successful. ABSDF also warns that whilst the release of Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi is a joyful occasion SLORC is still in power; is
still using slave labour in the Mon area as well as inside Burma and
is still a totalitarian regime using all the tactics of a
totalitarian regime: terror, a vast system of informers and the
jailing of political prisoners without trial, accompanied by gross
acts of torture. Thus opposition to SLORC must not be allowed to

John-Paul ABSDF Darwin office, Northern Territory Australia