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A Hand-written letter of detained B

Subject: A Hand-written letter of detained Burmese Students in SDC of Thailand

    "This is a hand-writing letter of Burmese students who are still
    being detained in the Special Detention Centre(SDC) of Thaland."
       The Statement of Being detainees Burmese Students in S.D.C

                                                            Date: 29.7.95

Up to now we six Burmese students, all of whom are activists of
various Burmese students organizations based in Bangkok, have
indefinitely detained in here "Special Detention Centre" without
any trial for "over 20 months". In that case we have repeatedly
appealed authority for legal prosecute (or) arrangement in the
court to be made in accordance with the Thai Law. But only no
response is received up to date. However we issue revelational
events statement aiming relevant organizations and top officials
to be well-known about our real events and take action on our
case accordingly.

(1) We were schemingly arrested by the special police force
deemed to be prepared before, while attending "Human Rights
Seminar" held on 3.12.93 as delegates of Burmese students
organizations in Thailand to the invitation of seminar sponsored-
Thai students organizations of S.F.T (Students Federation of
Thailand), and S.C.H.R.B (Students Committee on Human Rights in
Burma), ACDB(Action Committee for Democracy in Burma).

(2) During the earlier period (2) months at the time we were in
I.D.C following the raid, it was merely known that we were
formally detained with Thai immigration law but after we were
transferred to here SDC on 4.2.94, we realized to have been
incarcerated. With unknown strength of "Thai National Security
Council Act". Any and every we have never been arranged at the
court up to now.

(3) In reality, we are pro-democracy activists, who strictly
adhere to the peaceful political methods in dismantling Burmese
dictatorship to restore Democracy and Peace in Burma. And also we
never had any commitment of such a violent act to jeopardize to
the smooth good relationship between Thailand and international
nor we ever had any violation of Thai Law during the whole course
of temporarily taking refuge in Thailand. However even if Thai
authorities supposed us of violating some elements Thai existence
law, we should be arranged in the court with international
accepted law. 

(4) But it is found that Thai authority basically couldn't
produce any sufficient (or) hard evidences to back it indictment
on us of violation some elements law in Thailand, continue it
keeping us in unjustice indefinite detention without any
arraignment in legal court will be shamefully repeated as
"doubtful virtue" on democratically elected Government practice
on Democracy and its brage of respecting and honouring on
"Universal Human Rights Declaration of United Nation".

We manifestly find that even though incumbent U.N.H.C.R of
Thailand could grant us Humanitarian assistance after formally
recognizing as refugee status, it couldn't bring any problems of
most Burmese students under it control to the justice. Moreover
we sadly find that International Human rights watch-dog
organizations as calmly silence stone about our case.

(6) The authority always oppress on our faultless real events
expression attempts and strictly ban on contacting with outside
colleagues, relatives. Moreover unlike other inmates, we only
Burmese students are prohabited to access equal deserts rights of
prisoner being detained in here S.D.C. At the same time other 58
Burmese students who were arrested in early that year as they
protest against the Maltreatment on them by the authorities in
"safe area" are also treated the same as us. So that one of the
being detained Burmese students, Zaw Zaw, age 25 who was died in 
on June 13, 1995.

Therefore, we being detained Burmese students, who honour and pay
high-cost for righteouness, strongly appose Thai authority's
continuous unjustice and maltreatment on us. At the same time we
issue this revelational events statement and earnestly demand
Thai authority to immediately release (or) resolve our case on
humanitarian ground.

                         Indefinitely detainees Burmese Students in S.D.C
                                                                Bang Khen

Copy: Relevant authorities
      Human rights Organizations
      Media and Reporters