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BurmaNet News: July 4, 1995 [#193] (r)

Subject: Re: BurmaNet News: July 4, 1995 [#193]

After a quarter century in the United States, nothing seems to change in
the old country. I remember the racial riots in 1967 when ethnic Chinese
were brutalized to detract the Burmese people's attention from the rice
shortage - due to governmet mismanagement.

The government sent thugs - soldiers dressed in civilian clothes - into
ethnic Chinese neighborhoods to loot, destroy, and kill. Yes, I've seen it
with my eyes.

Oh, yes, a lot of ordinary Burmese participated too; neighbors against
neighbors. Well, the Myarmar people now knows what they are up against. We
knew decades ago.

Thanks for keeping us informed; the Burmese people have my support and
sympathy. I have the honor of being a classmate of Daw Aung San Su Kyi in
what is now Dagon Thit - Dagon 1 - public school.