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                     ALL BURMA STUDENTS LEAGUE(ABSL)
          Request for the freedom of detained Burmese students.

                                           Date. June 28,1995.

At present, about 50 of the Burmese students have been being
detained in SDC (special detention center) and they are facing
with hopeless life behind bars but depends on Thai government's
humanitarian sympathy and correct stance in politics.

As the Thai government did not take charge them in order that to
prolong their detention, they are bitterly suffering from the
worsening life day after day. Some of detained students have been
over 17 months long while the most are entering into 7 months in
detention. At worst one of the detained Burmese students in SDC
suddenly died in recent as a result of the indefinite long-
detention and  the lacking in humanitarian sympathy by his

Furthermore, we have received a statement from SDC by mail. After
trying to confirm, we seriously concern about three of detained
students who are trying in hunger strike began on 24 June and
proclaiming that is their fast to death hunger strike, because no
media states their hunger strike action till now.

We respectfully request Thai government, the Embassies interested
in Burma affairs, NGOs and news medias that to kindly help
detained Burmese students for their freedom from detention.

We sincerely hope that Thai government will serve them to release
from detention in anyway, showing its respectable dignity.

Hoping for the freedom of detained Burmese students.

News and Information department
All Burma Students League (Thailand)


      The release of the statement on an urgent to Thai government 
               by holding our past to death hunger strike

We are Burmese students who are striving for achieving democracy 
and human rights in Burma. Last September, 1988, when the
military led by an oligarchy come to power with a bloody coup of
popular political demonstrations, we the Burmese students staged
a nation wide pro democracy campaign, escape from Burma to

Having arrived in Thailand, we took refuge in the United Nation
High Commissioner for Refugee  Bangkok branch. For all we had
undertaking from UNHCR, we are facing the Thai government's
arrest for allegedly illegal immigrants, repatriation to Burma
and other abuses day by day.

At present, e are being unjustly imprisoned without trail by the
Thai government for extended periods of time. It is strongly
confident that the Thai government is banning us from existing on
our pro democracy movement so as to favor its controversial
constructive engagement policy towards SLORC so called State Law
and Order Restoration Council, the cunning regime, to profit
Burma economically.

The worst of our recent situation is that we don't know whether
or not we'll  be released at what time and being to meet such an
ulster disaster in stir is a fate worse than death. As for our
terrible detention conditions, we made an ironical decision that
is to appeal to Thai government to allow leaving for America or
Australia in order  that the recent caretakers government's prime
minster Chaun Leekpai side the students (exile Burmese Students)
who don't want to live in Thailand can go any third country
willing to accept them.

Then, we believe that countries which we want to will be able to
rescue our trouble in the light of our proposal as adequate
supports for the movements of democracy and peace in Burma and
for helping our better life in future.

Therefore, we would like earnestly to request of the Thai
government is that the government has to allow as our special
request. If the government fails to pursue following our request
we are going to fight until our dying by holding our fast to
death hunger strike.

Based on the facts above given, we decided to begin our fast to
death hunger strike on June 24, 1995.

Date. June 24, 1995.

   Signature           Signature           Signature
Mr. Thant Zin Htun   Mr. Thet Oo Naing   Mr. Nanda Kyaw 

The Burmese Student Detainees
Bang Khen Detention Center
Bangkok , Thailand

cc. Royal Thai Government
    Embassy of the United States
    Embassy of Australia