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Dear Mr. Arnott:
	Thanks for your posting. I am also interested in that subject too. I
have read a thought provoking book and articles on Human Rights & Human Wrongs 
Discussed in Buddhism. The following are those:

   (1). "Fundamentals of Buddhist Ethics" by Gunapala Dharmasiri, c1989 by
Golden Leaves Publishing Company, and published in U.S. I am sure you can get
it in libraries. Prof. Gunapala Dharmasiri was a Fullbright visiting prof in
U.S during 1981-82. The book is based on the series of lectures given at
Swarthmore College and Haverford College during his stay in U.S. Chapter 8
deals with Buddhist Polity: Proper Leadership & Leadership qualities. It seems
to be one of your focus, but all chapters are thought provoking.

   (2)  "Right and Value" in August 4, 1994 Asiaweek magazine. This one-paged
article was written by Mr. Tran Quang Co, who is Vice-Minister of Foreign 
Affairs (?) of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 

   (3)  "Order and Liberty, East and West" in Monday, April 11, 1994 issue of 
The New York Times. p. A13. This article was written by Fareed Zakaria based on
the interview with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, who ruled as Prime Minister for 31 years
in Singapore.  This article came out after Michael Fay case.
	I am very interested to learn more about this subject too. Therefore, I
welcome anyone's suggestion and recommandation on this matter.
	May you all healthy and happy.
	Tun Myint.