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Ethnic tribes village or zoological

Subject: Ethnic tribes village or zoological garden

               Ethnic tribes village or zoological garden?

On May 22, 1995, Gen. Maung Thint, minister of municipal of the
SLORC told at the  formal municipal meeting that the SLORC will
set up an ethnic tribes village for tourist attraction near Than
Hlayin bridge built by the Chinese experts in Rangoon.

The SLORC have declared that 1996 is visit Myanmar year for Burma
since 1994. The village will be built as the style of ethnic
natural living, dressing and agriculture, and which depends on
different types of ethnic tribes in Burma.

For 1996 visit year, the SLORC did everything for tourist
attraction, for instance, thousands of people have been forced to
make construction without paying any charges and medical take
cares for ancient palace in Mandalay, middle Burma.

Two months ago, there was a funniest thing happened in Burma that
the SLORC have ordered local SLORC officials to plant roselles
along the motor and rail road between Rangoon and Mandalay. They
think that it seems to be attractive to tourists.