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Call for used computer (r)

Burmese Relief Center--Japan
DATE:June 13, 1995

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your prompt response.

We agree that shipping to Thailand would be prohibitively
expensive.  Furthermore, it is impossible for anyone in
Thailand to receive anything like that without exorbitant
customs fees.

What we suggest, is that you ask around for someone who is
going to Thailand.  A computer can be carried in as personal
luggage with no problem.  Even if it is carried in parts by
several people, we could collect the boxes there.  If anything
could be carried to Thailand this summer, it could be delivered
to the hotel in Bangkok where we stay while we are in the city. 
At any time boxes could be mailed from Bangkok directly to
the clinic, the address of which we can provide.

The other alternative is to have it carried to Japan.  Many
teachers in Japan spend their summer vacations in Thailand, so
it is quite easy for us to have supplies carried to Thailand. 
Once the boxes are in Japan, they could be sent to our
residence/office by the Japanese equivalent of UPS or
delivered to a Burmese association office in Tokyo.  

Our residence/office address is no secret, but we would rather
not publicize our Bangkok hotel.  We will, of course, provide
that information to anyone who can deliver any supplies.

Ken and Visakha Kawasaki
Burmese Relief Center--Japan
266-27 Ozuku-cho
Nara-ken 634
Tel: (07442) 2-8236
Fax: (07442) 4-6254