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Dear Mr Arnott,

Thank you for your comment. I will reply more fully about my suggestion 
later. However, I like to have the address/names of the permanent 
representatives of the UN Security Council. The UN office in here is not 
very well dated - and unable to obtain even such address.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards, U Ne Oo.

On Fri, 9 Jun 1995, David Arnott wrote:

> From: David Arnott <darnott>
> Dear Dr Ne Oo,
> I have just started to emerge from under my backlog from the 3 months I spent in Thailand and at the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva. I was not in New
> York when you sent your request for SC members. I hope you got the info
> from someone else.
> My thoughts on approaching the UN is that the Burmese democracy movement
> should have single voice. In concrete terms this means coordinating with
> the NCGUB in the person of Dr Sein Win and his team, who have very clear
> strategies in relation to the UN, and know the key players.
> Security Council action on Burma is unlikely at this point for at least 
> 3 reasons:
> 	1. The Secretariat is engaged in Good Offices negotiations with 
> SLORC, and the SC would not over-ride this procedure unless
> 	the Secretary-General asked them to.
> 	2. The SC would not involve itself over the Burma/Thailand border
> 	issue against the wishes of Thailand. Thailand does not even want
> 	the UNHCR involved officially, let alone Big Brother.
> 	3. The SC is otherwise occupied
> There has been only one occasion in the past year or so when there was even a
> remote possibility of Security Council action, and that was in early 92
> when Begum Zia of Bangladesh came to New York seeking SC help on the 
> issue of the Burmese army build-up on the Bangladesh border and the Rohingya
> exodus. She had a 5-point draft resolution which she wanted the Security
> Council to consider. The Secretary-General persuaded her that a better
> approach would be for him to send a mediator to resolve the dispute and
> begin the process that would lead to the voluntary return of the refugees.
> As you know, Jan Eliasson was sent, and a Memorandum of Understanding finally
> signed. My point is that even when the head of a neighbouring country asked
> for SC action, the SG was very reluctant.
> For the past 2 or 3 year, Amanda Zappia has very competently managed the
> NCGUB delegation in New York. I am sure that discussions with her on how
> best to get UN action on Burma would be fruitful.
> Best wishes,
> David Arnott
> 10 June 05