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search 4 recent report DEA or other (r)

Subject: Re: search 4 recent report DEA or other

Dr. Alfred McCoy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison went to visit Khun
Sa just recently, in order to narrate a new Australian documentary on the
Golden Triangle.  He might know some of the information you seek.  His
e-mail address is: 
He has also written extensively on the opium trade in the Golden Triangle of
Southeast Asia.

Hope this helps

>From: bcn@xxxxxxxxx (Burma Centrum Nederland)
>(The) Dutch newspaper recently published 1 article on a wellknown druglord 
>named Khun Sa. Guessing it was sparked by some publication or other, the BCN 
>has looked in some internetnooks for such a report. To date to no avail. The 
>BCN will keep looking, but maybe some reader can fill in details...
>Take care
>Het Burma Centrum Nederland is een onafhankelijke stichting die zich tot 
>doel stelt de Nederlandse samenleving te informeren over de ontwikkelingen 
>in Burma. Daarnaast initieert en co-ordineert het aktiviteiten die 
>democratisering en duurzame ontwikkeling in Burma bevorderen. Het centrum 
>geeft een positieve bijdrage aan een constructieve dialoog tussen de diverse 
>groeperingen in Burma.
Mike Rodgers
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Homepage: http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/staff/miker/hpage2.htm