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Help on Burma information


 I'm a journalist based in Hong Kong who recently returned from Burma, on 
my latest and longest trip. I managed tyo wrangle a visa to travel the 
entire train route, including the top half through closed Kachin country. 
I spent a week in the far north, roaming around the areas of Mogaung and 
Myitkyina. Got some great material and have already filed a few stories, 
including one for the Wall Street Journal.

  Right now, I'm working on pieces on forced labour/slave labour, for the 
Weekend Magazine of the Eastern Express newspaper in Hong Kong and the 
Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend Magazine. As I have just been down 
in Australia, I also tapped into some resources there. I have also talked 
to Asiawatch here in HK and in London.

  However, I'm still trying to source material for this piece and several 
others on Burma. I'm particularly interested in injecting some comment 
from labour groups and more commentary from NGOs or advocacy groups. I 
sent a couple faxes to the Burmanet office in Bangkok, and directly to 
the ILO station head there, whom I happened to meet enroute to Rangoon. I 
have had no replies to either request.

  I noticed your name and address on the internet and though I'd make 
another cont5act. Would really love some referral/facts and figures for 
this story. Caan you help????

  All the best.....Ron Gluckman
		   Hong Kong
		   Tel (852) 2982-2159
		   Fax (852) 2982-2195