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Amnesty Int'l group needs help

     My local Amnesty International Group (Group 30 in San
Francisco) is working for the release of KO THANT SIN from prison
in Burma.  Mr. Sin was a medical student, and Chairman of the All 
Burma Federation of Students Union (ABFSU) for Upper Burma, when he was 
arrested in Mandalay in June, 1989.  AI believes that he was arrested 
because he distributed pamphlets calling for demonstrations in favor of
democracy.  We believe that he was sentenced to 10 years in prison,
and is currently detained in Mandalay Prison.

     I would appreciate receiving suggestions concerning how to
obtain Mr. Sin's release.  AI groups have written hundreds of
letters to Burmese authorities and have received no response.

     Thank you, in advance, for your suggestions.  Reply here, or I can 
also be reached at rrosoff@xxxxxxxxxxxx