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ABSDF Press Release

                         Press Release

                                               Date: May 31, 1990

An Extraordinary Conference of the ABSDF was held at a secret
location inside Burma near the Thai-Burma border on May 13- May
24, 1995.

48 representatives from the various ABSDF camps attended the

Policies on future politics, military policies, future process
and strategies of the ABSDF were consulted and adopted. A new
constitution of the ABSDF was also adopted.  

A Central Committee comprising of 17 central committee
members, to take responsibility for the next three-year term of
the ABSDF, was also unanimously elected.

Moe Thee Zun was re-elected as a Chairman of the ABSDF and  Aung
Thu Nyein as a Vice-Chairman. There are eight Central leading
Committee members(CEC) including Chairman and Vice-Chairman, and
nine Central Committee members(CC).  

Central Leading Committee
All Burma Students' Democratic Front