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Who killed Aung San? (r)

In U Kin Oung's book 'Who Killed Aung San?' published 1993, he writes=
 of a
boklet published inFort Lauderdale, USA in May 1992. Thi booklet=
written by Dr Kyin Ho, alias Naing Win, a Burmese doctor who now=
 works in
=46lorida. It is based on conversations with a tounger brother of=
 Bo Let Ya,
Mya Hlaing, an  erstwhile War Office clerk =8A Mya Hlaing made the
astonishing revelation that he and another prominent Burmese at that=
Rangoon Ba Swe, were trained for two months to make a false attempt=
 on U
Saw's life _ and blame it on Aung San. The organizers of this plot=
 were Ne
Win and his close associate , Brig-Gen Aung Gyi=8A

A new edition of U Kin Oung's book should be published before the=
 end of
the year.

Gehan Wijeyewardene gew400@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx