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BurmaNet: May 28, 1995, #180 (r)

This is a (rather belated) reply to the request for jokes...

[Taken from Gerry Abbott's "Back to Mandalay" 1990, Impact Books--a great
book which is well worth reading]

Gerry compiled a list of Slorc/BSPP 'Newspeak', including the following:

DESTRUCTIVE ELEMENTS  insurgents, university students, their teachers
                      and others who disagree with us (see WE); not,
                      as in British English, natural phenomena such as
                      frost, etc.
ERADICATE  slaughter; eg. 'eradicate all destructive elements'
JUST WAR  a maiming and killing of people in circumstances of which
          we (see WE) approve.
LOSS AND WASTAGE  theft, especially by underpaid and hungry elements.
REMOTE BORDER AREA  places such as the Embassy of Czechoslovakia in
                    Rangoon or the Rangoon-Mandalay railway line, where
                    insurgent elements operate.
SPIRIT OF SELF HELP  realisation that the SLORC can do nothing for you.
WE a few of us top dogs in Rangoon, who are going to keep things as
   they are, whatever you (see YOU) want.
YOU anyone other than WE.

Does anyone want to add to this list??