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Wired News on May 25, 1995

Attn: Burma Newsreaders
Re: Wired News on May 25, 1995

Special Note: "Beyond Rangoon" has been shown as Preview at theatres in Big
Apple (New York City). 

Thai Authorities Round Up 500 Illegal Burmese

      MAE SOT, Thailand, May 25 (Reuter) - Thai authorities rounded up some
500 illegal Burmese workers in a pre-dawn sweep through this border town on
Thursday, immigration officials and police said. 

    The 500, including women and children, will be sent back to Burma later
on Thursday, the officials said. Many of the 500 were working at various odd
jobs at markets around the town. 

    Thai authorities allow Burmese to work in some specific industries such
as fishing and on plantations in some provinces bordering Burma but they
estimate there are hundreds of thousands of illegal Burmese workers in

Transmitted: 95-05-25 02:07:06 EDT

Burma, Thailand, India Ratify Sea Junction Point

      RANGOON, May 25 (Reuter) - Burma, Thailand and India have ratified an
agreement establishing a junction point delineating their territorial waters
in the Andaman Sea, Burma's state-run media reported on Thursday. 

    Representatives from the three exchanged instruments of ratification of a
1993 agreement establishing the off-shore junction point in Rangoon on
Wednesday, the reports said. 

    The exchange will further strengthen relations between the three
countries, the media said. There was no explanation as to why the instruments
of ratification were exchanged some two years after the intitial agreement. 

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