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Urgent Request! (r)

Regarding the message below... I just finished reading a fascinating book 
called _Burmese Looking Glass_.  The book is subtitled: "A Human Rights 
Adventure and a Jungle Revolution".  The author, Edith Mirante, spent a number 
of years meeting and working with the various groups along the Thai-Burmese 
border and lobbying US government officials regarding the SLORC usage of 
chemical weapons.

You may want to contact her care of the pulisher:

paperback edition, 1994:

Atlantic Monthly Press
841 Broadway
New York, NY  10003

hardcover edition, 1993:

Grove Press

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> FROM:NBH03114@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Burmese Relief Center--Japan
> DATE:May 23, 1995
> TIME: 6:46PM JST
> For information regarding SLORC's use of chemical or
> biological weapons.  Please respond by Thursday, May 25th
> if possible.
> A Japanese journalist, Shu Sugawara, is gathering evidence
> about SLORC's use of chem/biol weapons against ethnic
> groups and dissidents.  He intends to use the evidence to
> convince MITI and the Japanese Foreign Ministry that ODA
> to SLORC violates the terms of the ODA Charter.  He
> believes the time is ripe to do so; Japan is now obsessed
> with AUM, the cult though to be responsible for the March
> chemical attacks on Tokyo's subway, which killed 12 and
> injured more than 5000.  
> Sugawara already has the Karen Human Rights Group's
> excellent reports; what he would like is corroborating
> evidence from other sources (e.g. articles from major
> newspapers in your country, UN reports, reports by well-known NGOs).  
>  Please 
> fax any such documentation by
> Thursday, May 25th to:
> Shu Sugawara
> Fax: +81-3-3364-1228
> or call him at:
> +81-3-3367-4255.
> Information for him will also be forwarded by Burmese
> Relief Center--Japan, NBH03114@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> or
> carol@xxxxxxxx

Everytime i only wish you were uneventful and happy.      :)
Gregg Butensky  -  gbut@xxxxxxxx  -  San Francisco, California  USA