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Urgent Request!

Burmese Relief Center--Japan
DATE:May 23, 1995


For information regarding SLORC's use of chemical or
biological weapons.  Please respond by Thursday, May 25th
if possible.

A Japanese journalist, Shu Sugawara, is gathering evidence
about SLORC's use of chem/biol weapons against ethnic
groups and dissidents.  He intends to use the evidence to
convince MITI and the Japanese Foreign Ministry that ODA
to SLORC violates the terms of the ODA Charter.  He
believes the time is ripe to do so; Japan is now obsessed
with AUM, the cult though to be responsible for the March
chemical attacks on Tokyo's subway, which killed 12 and
injured more than 5000.  

Sugawara already has the Karen Human Rights Group's
excellent reports; what he would like is corroborating
evidence from other sources (e.g. articles from major
newspapers in your country, UN reports, reports by well-known NGOs).   Please 
fax any such documentation by
Thursday, May 25th to:

Shu Sugawara
Fax: +81-3-3364-1228
or call him at:

Information for him will also be forwarded by Burmese
Relief Center--Japan, NBH03114@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx