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22 May, 1995


The second Burma news-only mailing list [burmanews-l] is not

working due to inadequate software from the service provider. 

Another attempt is being made this week to start up the

second list using different software.  If that doesn't work,

the list will move to a different service provider and try



In the meantime, only one list, burmanet-l, is operational

and all subscribers are receiving it.  If you receive this

note, then you are one of them.


So as to avoid charges of censorship, I've tried to exert as

little control over the list as possible.  The list however,

is now crowded enough that some minimal guidelines are

necessary.  Hopefully, the following three rules will restore

all the "law and order" necessary to keep the list







Thou shalt not put an autoresponder on your account when you

leave the office.


Thou shalt not hit the reply key to a message coming from the

reg.burma/burmenet-l mailing list (your reply will go to the

over 300 subscribers).  If you want to send a message to the

editorial staff at burmanet, send it to strider@xxxxxxxxxxx


Thou shalt not post >>"screw SLORC" messages to the mailing

list.  Please save those for soc.culture.burma or fax them

to the Burmese embassy in Washington: (202) 332-9046.

attention to His Excellancy, U Thaung.




BurmaNet now has over 300 subscribers in at least 19

countries.  By far the majority are in the United States. 

Any estimate of the readership in the soc.culture.burma news

group is just an educated guess, but it's probably on the

order of a couple thousand.


Where you are:


EDU: 96   Universities in the United States

COM: 60   Service from commercial service providers

               (mostly in the U.S.)

TH:       34   Thailand

AU:       33   Australia

ORG: 15   Non-profit organizations

NET: 11   Service from a network provider

CA:       11   Canada

UK:       10   United Kingdom

NO:       8    Norway

JP:       6    Japan

[BURMA]:  5    [Domain name withheld]

DE:       4    Germany

GOV: 4    U.S. Government

US:       3    United States [other than EDU, COM, MIL & GOV]

SG:       2    Singapore

DK:       2    Denmark

NL:       2    Netherlands

FI:       2    Finland

AT:       1    Austria

CH:       1    Switzerland

IN:       1    India

FR:       1    France

NZ:       1    New Zealand

SK:       1    South Korea

MIL: 1    U.S. Military