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Why Heineken invests 30 million dol

Subject: Why Heineken invests 30 million dollars in Burma

This article was posted on Soc.Culture.Burma as well..

Maybe some of you are interested in the following information that the Burma=
Centre Netherlands received just now...
It is a two paged reply of Heineken Beer on questions regarding the brewery=
they started in Burma

Literally the Dutch text translates:

Subject: Myanmar


The following information describes the project that is being realised in=20
Myanmar, the former Burma, by the joint-venture company in Singapore (Asia=
Pacific Breweries Limited) (APBL).

We are very aware of the conditions en problems in this country en share=20
your concerns.

We have been extensively advised in regards to the situation in Myanmar.=20
APBL en many other involved companies and governments are of the opinion=20
that the only way to really help the development of a country such as=20
Myanmar, is by investing there and in fact d=F3 be present. Experience=
that though the presence of international companies the economic and=20
political situation gets a bigger chance to improve and because of that, the=
welfare of the poplutation increases notibly. Often this has a positive=20
effect on the processes of democratisation.

We respect your point of vieuw and hope as you that the situation will=20
improve in a positive way.

Heineken International Ltd
M.H. Rijkens
President Asia Pacific

Page two of the reply:
heineken Pressrelease 29 march 1995

Heineken builds brewery in Myanmar

The board of directors of Heineken Ltd informs today that an agreement has=
been reached (a contract has been signed) to build of a brewery in Myanmar.=
In order to achiev this building project, a joint-venture has been made with=
Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd (UMEHL) and ASia Pacific Breweries=20
ltd (APBL), a joint venture in Singapore between Heineken and Fraser &=20
Neave. APBL wil control 60 % of the shares, UMEHL the other 40 %.

The brewery will be built in the vicinity of the capital Yangon and wil have=
a beginning-capacity of 140.000 hectoliter. This capacity can be extended to=
450.000 hectoliter. The building of the first phase, 140.000 hectoliter,=20
will starts soon.
The brewery is expected to be operational in september 1996. The completion=
of the first phase costs about 30 million dollars (47 million guilders).

The name of the brewery will be Myanmar Brewery Limited (MBL). The brandname=
of the beer brewed is Tige Beer. Heineken and Tiger beer are now imported in=
Myanmar and have a leading postion in the market.

The building of the Brewery will - as do other actvities of the APBL group -=
be supervised by Heineken technical Services. MBL is the fifth building=20
project of Heineken and APBL in the Far East. Vietnam Brewery Limtied=20
started brewing in 1993. The breweries currently being built in Hainan=20
(China) and Cambodia are being finished in 1996. The brewery in Thailand=20
will start production in 1995.

Amsterdam, March 29 1995.
Het Burma Centrum Nederland is een onafhankleijke stcihting die zich tot=20
doel stelt de Nederlandse samenleving te informeren over de ontwikkelingen=
in Burma. Daarnaast initieert en co=F6rdineert het aktiviteiten die=20
democratisering en duurzame ontwikkeling in Burma bevorderen. Het centrum=20
geeft een positieve bijdrage aan een constructieve dialoog tussen de diverse=
groeperingen in Burma