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Shu Maung's top-10 past-time

                 Shu Maung's top-10 past-time


			Coban Tun

[ Considering the kind of materials published in Dim Light of Myanmar,
  a very dim one at that, I would be thrill if they publish my top-10.]

#10. The rhino's horns kept getting shorter at Rangoon Zoo .
     (don't ask me what he use it for -- guess)

 #9. You let me win at a golf game or I club you and take your wife!!
          (prove: Khin May Than)

 #8. You don't need no stinking education to run a country, just guns!!!

 #7. When the army shoot, it doesn't shoot in to air. It shoot to killed.
     (a classic quotes from his "retirment" speech)

 #6. Hey, let's get a international whore [Yadana Nat Mei] for 2 weeks for
     $14 millions.
                 [dude: you got burn!]

 #5. I want that young woman as my wife even if she was marry. (1988)

 #4. I need a another blood tranfusion!

 #3. I told them to use recoiless gun at the Student Union in '62.

 #2. I'll pull the string, you do the dancing...

 #1. If You don't know the time-table for 9, you can't work for me!